Sunday, April 22

Invisible Studio: Blog Header

I took some time out to create an image header for this here blog. You may have noticed. The reason there is a big space below the image, is because the original text header is still there, except now the text color matches that of its background. The reason for this is because, apparently, the header text is a big deal with search engines, so invisible studio may not even come up if the header wasn't still there. I know its ugly, I'm working on. But for now bear with me. I also know my image design isn't very good, so if you have an idea or even want to make your own, please let me know.

There were a few sites that helped me a ton in figuring out how to get this header up. The site that helped me most though was Testing-Blogger-Beta. Check it out if you want a hyperlink image as a header on your site too.

Thanks Much. Enjoy the site.

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