Monday, June 7

Retroactive Haitus

Hey there! Long time no see.

If you're a regular reader of Invisible Studio, you may have been wondering where I've been for so long. Well, the story goes that this winter, around early February, I decided that I didn't want to sit around my house all Spring; I needed to get out and do something different for a while So, using a heinous sum of my funds, I traveled to Peru for seven weeks, to the city of Cuzco, and volunteered. I taught English to students in a low-income elementary school, took Spanish classes for myself, and on the weekends, I went hiking. It went alright. I met some awesome people, learned some things about teaching a foreign language, and saw some of the most gorgeous scenery Gaia has to offer. But now I'm back; well, temporarily.

For the past couple of weeks and for this next week, I am interning at the University of Tennessee Press in Knoxville, learning all about the publicity side of the publishing business. More or less, I'm mailing out letters and review copies of books, writing press releases, and converting book descriptions into short copy (150 words). It's a good time. Come June 16th, however, I'll be traveling up to Ann Arbor, Michigan to act as Lead Instructor at a technology camp, third year running (though my first time at the Michigan location). At camp, I'll be working no less than sixteen hours a day, so I might disappear for more or less, precisely, seven weeks, but I'll try to drop in for a post or two when I get the chance. That said, I've yet to finish my Warcraft III mod, Manifest, and I'll likely take what free time I can garner to work on finishing up that. Pre-Peru, I was running into some pretty darn tough road-blocks that I'll have to deduce some means of overcoming sooner or later.

Tonight, though! Tonight, I have for you a brand new article, a preview of StarCraft II from my copious, over-zealous time spent with the beta. *Sniff* A beta that ends tonight. But all is well, because now I'll have more time to play Shattered Horizon and the awesome new content Futuremark has released for the title. Within a couple of days here, I'll have an updated review of Shattered Horizon. Look for it. Great to be back. Thanks for reading.

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