Saturday, December 20

Achievement Unlocked

John, head of game development for Armor Games has created a truly spectacular Flash game: Achievement Unlocked. The game tries to be pointless, but ultimately fails. Or does it? You see, Achievement Unlocked is a fun, addictive game. I beat it twice, almost. So maybe I was wrong. Because the game proves full well that unlocking achievements is addictive as all get out.

Source: Kotaku [via n0wak]

Trackmania History

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Trackmania, Nadeo has released a video covering the history of the series. And considering the series has a very convoluted history,if you were every confused about the order in which games were released, or what the difference is between Nations and Forevor, I would definitely encourage you to check out the video.

Source: GameTrailers

Sunday, December 7


Have I mentioned I love side-scrollers? I love side-scrollers.

Developed by Frozenbyte, for PC and PSN.
Source: GameTrailers
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