Saturday, April 14


There is something to be said for style and aesthetics. A website called Orisinal features only stylistic flash games. Ferry Halim is the creator of the website and every game on it. Every flash game on Orisinal has several unifying themes. They are simple, peaceful, intuitive, and pretty. Every game is simple to learn, yet complex enough that there is great joy in discovering what each game is about and how each plays. Then you start figuring out strategies to play better. And you want to keep on playing because you know you can do better. Not all flash games can make this claim. But Halim's games are immediately understandable and enjoyable, yet oh so addictive. I played Cats for at least an hour straight. Also, many of the games are fantastical like things we'd dream of or like playing childhood fairytales. They're really quite awesome. I will be discussing specific games in further detail in the near future. But for now, go have fun experimenting with the games. Be sure to play Cats , Winterbells , and It Takes Two.

You can also find a description of every game at Milk and Cookies.
Though, I recommend you simply play and explore.

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