Sunday, April 22

Devil May Cry 4: Graphics

New Devil May Cry 4 screenshots have surfaced. Devil May Cry 4 is in development by Capcom for the PS3 360, and PC. and will be released this fall. These screenshots have proven one point to me though, that graphics really can make a difference. First though, let me say that I am by no means a graphics-nazi of any sort. I love all styles of graphics in video games, cel-shading, realistic, and everything in between. I think the best looking games ever are Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Okami, Super Mario Sunshine, and Half-Life 2. I also am quite fond of Lost Planet, Viva Pinata and Metal Gear Solid 4. Realistic graphics are not the only way to make a game, and do not a good game make. Graphics are only part of the equation, and these days, a big part. However, if a game does not have good gameplay, then in the end the graphics are essentially obsolete.

That said, we have to keep in mind the first half of our favorite past-time, video games. Games are played on screens, which means they have a ver important visual element. We cannot just deny graphics in favor of gameplay, that would be questioning a big part of what video game are. Again though, focusing on graphics exclusively is denying the other part of what makes games so great.

Now that thats over, good graphics can be pretty darn awesome. Especially with how promising Devil May Cry 4 seems to be gameplay-wise. So without further ado.

It's pretty amazing how closely the game resembles its concept art.
The fire effects are incredible, as is the motion blur.
All screenshots, of which there are more, are from GamePlanets. Gameplanets is a blog that posts screenshots and videos exclusively. I'm gonna start heading there more myself, in fact.

I started a big rant about graphics versus gameplay, but figured I'd save it for another post. For now, just enjoy the fricken heavenly screens and ponder the importance (big or small) of graphics in game design.

I have Visual
Graphics versus gameplay is a heated topic in the games industry, especially this generation with Nintendo and Sony and Microsoft at opposite ends. What do you think? Which is more important to you, is either?

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    its looks nice on pc,,better than consoles