Monday, December 11

Pogo Sticker

Hello, I just downloaded an awesome game. Its called Pogo Sticker and it was developed by Skinflake. You too can download the game at this convenient hyperlink.

Pogo Sticker is very simple, but really fun and challenging without being too insanely difficult. Featuring twelve different levels, your goal is to reach the end in a side-scrolling manner. But unique to Pogo Sticker is that you do so by bouncing. The character you play as is basically a three jointed pogo stick. His features include a bouncy ball foot, a big round body, and head wearing a very helpful helmet. You may also play as a taller green model with four apendages, making the game more difficult.

All Pogo (this is what we shall call him) can do is bounce, in fact, thats naturally what he is constantly doing. Bouncing is to Pogo as breathing is to us. You control Pogo by moving the mouse to his right or left, causing him to lean his body weight in that direction. Also, clicking the mouse will increase Pogo's bounciness. The more you click the mouse, the harder he will bounce. And, the level of bounciness will fade or drop over time until Pogo is bouncing as lightly sa he can again. The game features very fine physics that seemingly determines all of this. You are able to shift Pogo's weight in the air influencing his direction and tilt. Tilting Pogo is essential to getting him to land right, otherwise he will fall face first into the ground.

There are a couple of other things I want to bring up. There are two ways to lose. One is if you fail to keep Pogo bouncing. The other is by draining Pogo's life bar. When Pogo hits a surface with his head, his life will go down. The other thing is, when you click the mouse to increase Pogo's bounciness, bars will be added to a meter on the left hand side of the screen. This is certainly helpful for the player as it allows him or her to monitor its strength and adjust mouse clicks accordingly. However, what I wanted to ask is: Is this necessary. Now, I'm not saying the bar isn't necessary, as it is helpful. But lately games have been featuring HUDless (or minimal hud) gameplay. Without the bounce meter, players would be able to determine Pogo's bounciness just by looking at him and gauging his speed and time lapsed between bounces. Maybe that sounds complicated but really I'm sure it would be quite natural.

What do you think? Go and play the game, enjoy yourself, then come back and let us know if you think the bounce meter is necessary or not.
Im gonna go beat Pogo Sticker. Only two more levels!

Source: Skinflake.

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