Tuesday, January 26

Manifest Blog on ModDB

In addition to my Edge blog, I have also begun a development blog for Manifest on ModDB, in an attempt to gain more visibility. Once the ModDB blog is approved, you may view it here. In addition to daily posts, I will also be hosting images and videos on ModDB.

Monday, January 25

Manifest Development Blog

Hello, you may have noticed that my posts are...sparse. I have a couple of reasons for that: 1. Addiction to TF2 and L4D2. And 2. I'm developing a mod for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. I have used the Warcraft III World Editor for many years now, but none of my games have ever truly progressed past prototypes. I figured it was about time to change that and actually complete a game. Why? Because I want to be a game designer, professionally. And there's no better way to get noticed in this industry, or even to be considered legitimate, then to make a game of your own. For the record, I also intend to be a professional games journalist as well, but I need to complete this game to act as a portfolio and to prove to myself that yes, I can actually finish what I begin.

Fortunately, the game's awesome. It's called Manifest, and it's a competitive, two-player, turn-based strategy game. I'm developing it alone and spending exorbitant amounts of time doing so. In a few weeks, I intend to have an open beta, after-which I'll be releasing the game for free for all to enjoy. I love Warcraft III mods; I truly do. I feel that the completion of this mod is my way bringing closure to a pivotal aspect of my life. Warcraft III made up much of my teenage years, and the editor itself allowed me to realize that I wanted to be a game designer in the first place. I'm having an excellent time making Manifest, and the game has finally progressed to a point where I can begin showing it to people. With that in mind, I have begun another (gasp!) blog chronicling the development of Manifest on Edge. "Another blog!" you say, "but you have a perfectly good blog right here." You're points are legitimate, but I wanted to keep this dev blog separate, as I see Invisible Studio as focusing on my opinions on game design and game commentary. Also, I wanted my development blog to have the opportunity to be viewed by lots of people, something I didn't see as feasible with this blog. I'll continue to update this blog with all issues of design and commentary, but I'll also be updating the Manifest blog each day on features of the game and the development process. Check out the Manifest blog here. And thanks for your continued support.

Monday, January 18

Left 4 Dead 2 Pipe Bomb Trick

Yesterday, I opened up Left 4 Dead 2 for my habitual Scavenge round and joined a Motel server. First thing that happens when I join, this Ellis goes: "Hey, you guys want to see something awesome? Check this out." We watch as he grabs a pipe bomb and jump-chucks it through the air towards the signs. We're all like, "I don't get it," until, moments later, the pipe bomb explodes, sending three gas canisters hurtling towards us. "Hol.y. Crap," I say, "that was the coolest thing I've ever seen." And the best part: Spitters still can't blow up the cans because they haven't been touched yet.

For rounds following, we each take turns trying to peg the canisters, usually with mild success. But, today, I joined another round at the Motel and, lo and behold, more people were trying the Pipe Bomb Trick. It went freaking viral. Fortunately, I was prepared, armed with my trusty WeGame recorder for just such occasions. I managed to catch on tape many successful pegs, as well as some failures. I used Pinnacle Video Spin 2 to splice the videos together along with some editing.

Check it out.

Source: Left 4 Dead 2 Pipe Bomb Trick