Tuesday, September 22

Fat Princess Class Guide

The other day, I was watching my brother play Titan's PSN title, Fat Princess, and I became curious about the class and weapon balancing, the strategy and tactics. Most specifically, I wondered if, statistically, it was more beneficial to attack rapidly with a weapon or to continually unleash charged attacks (the answer is to arrive to a battle with a pre-charged attack and then rapid fire like there's no tomorrow). Is it better to take pot shots at enemies as a Archer, or is it better to keep one's distance and snipe them with charged arrows? Which is better: the Archer or the Rifleman?

With these questions in mind, I decided to conduct a study to determine these differences. But I needed some help. So I asked some people to lend me a hand at Playfire. Playfire is an excellent social networking site focused specifically on video games and the people who play them. With the help of LegionofPheonix (my twin), Bobbypick, and LeoDaLyon, we were able to discover the intricacies inherent to Fat Princess. And let me tell you, we learned some pretty useful stuff. For example, did you know that the Dark Priest AOE attack deals zero damage? Or, that a tossed bomb and a fully charged bomb deal an equal amount of damage? Or, did you know that frozen players cannot be harmed? All that said, the most important thing to realize is that these details cannot compensate for poor teamwork. Cooperation is the true strategy. Get that part down first and you'll start racking up the wins in no time.

We were going to type up the information, but my brother and I decided it would be over nine-thousand cooler if we made a nice, streamlined, visual guide for people to reference when needed. So that's what we did. Ergo, I present to you the Fat Princess Class Guide.


*Note: Several of the damage amounts are a minimal level and will sometimes fluxuate upward .25 hearts. The bomb, for example, will occasionally deal 1.5 damage, presumably due to distance from explosion.


  1. Anonymous5:20 AM EDT

    Very nice representation and definitely something that beginners should have a look at. Although at the same time these tables are slightly confusing. Every character has the precision icon, does it mean anything at all or does that only indicate that the stats are accurate if the attack is 100% precise? Also, what are the units for Charge, Cool down and Freeze? Finally what is the difference between a fully charged aimed vs AOE of the priest and healer (You can hold down L1 and charge before reaching a target or you can so the AOE charge)?

    Otherwise excelent work. Did it take you long.

  2. Nice work! I agree that the tables can be slightly confusing, a legend and/or an annotated example would be extremely useful.

  3. Thanks for the comments and questions. I agree that the presentation isn't as clear as it could be. The Charge row indicates a fully charged attack. For the Mage's and Priest's, the Charge attack is their AOE attack. The row beneath the charge row I call the effect row, and provides details on the affect of a fully charged attack. Look at the third row of each class as an extension of the Charge row. The icon that looks like the sun indicates that an attack is AOE or can affect multiple characters at once. The units for charge time (hourglass), freeze (snowflake), and cooldown (snail) are in seconds. For most of the characters, the number of hourglasses indicates the number of seconds it takes to fully charge their attack. For the Ice Mage and Priests, however, I was forced to use a numerical multiplier to represent the charge time. The precision icon indicates that an attack is much more likely to hit as it travels significantly faster than a non-charged strike. The Projectile row for the Mages describes their fully charged, lock-on projectile attack. We did not notice a difference with the Priests when pre-charging a locked-on attack, though it may require looking at again. If you are locked-on to nothing while charging as a priest, as soon as you come into contact with an ally or enemy, you will begin healing them or draining them. I am not sure if there is a heal or drain boost for the initial charge, though I would guess it does not. More fixes required: The Cleric does not heal at quite 1 hearts/second; a player cursed by the Dark Priest (with a charged AOE attack) cannot be healed for his cursed duration; Curse duration time; burning duration time; damage dealt by a burning arrow; variation in Rifleman damage. Thanks again for the comments.