Saturday, January 10

The Greatest Decision of Our Generation

Friends, Gamers, Country! We are in the midst of what is perhaps the most important, historic, epic decision of all time. Our forefather, Blizzard Entertainment, is holding a vote. A vote affecting the greatest unit in all of the Starcraft Universe. Yes, I am referring to the Dark Templar. That Protoss unit that so easily turns the tide of battle, that so deftly, annihilates puny Terran and Zerg scum alike. What would Starcraft be without these great heroes?

Fortunately for mankind, Blizzard recognizes the absolute necessity of the Dark Templar to the survival of the human race, placing the fate of the unit in our hands. The Dark Templar returns to Starcraft II, of course, as if anyone would dare deny us our just rewards. But the look of the unit, the unit model, shall we say, is to be determined in a democratic, majority-rules manner.

Blizzard is holding a vote for which Dark Templar model should be used for the multiplayer of Starcraft II. You can see a sketch of both such variants dueling, rendered in field by our very own Sons of the Storm. As a gamer, Blizzard is bestowing upon you the greatest right any could ask. Will you chose the classic single-bladed Dark Templar, the Lenassa, or perhaps the newer Zer'atai, decked in the bones of fallen Zerg and wielding a double-bladed staff? Or even both, functioning via a random spawn of either?

You will need to be a member of the Blizzard community to work, which means you need a functioning CD key of one of their games. First review the choices, then cast your vote. Voting ends February 5th. Be a part of history. Be a hero.

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