Tuesday, November 4

Defcon AI

Introversion's Defcon is getting AI Bots. And it learns and adapts over multiple games. And, interested individuals will be able to build their own AI models. Until now, the game has featured only a simple, limited bot. You can read a very interesting article about the construction of the Defcon AI by the AI author, Robin Baumgarten. He discusses choosing between fun AI or realistic AI, and other design issues associated with the bot's construction. At Baumgarten's site, the author also has available two PDF files on the project: a massive 130 pager thesis and an in-depth article about the design and construction of the AI. I read through the article and, though much of the information was over my head, Baumgarten put significant though, time, and consideration into the AI design. The problems he faced I think are quite similar to those of game designers. I'd never realized how intricate, complex, and interesting designing AI is; it's amazing.

If you haven't played Defon: Everybody Dies, I highly recommend it. Excellent game. You can download a free demo at Introversion's site for PC, Mac, or Linux.

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