Monday, July 14

Hype! Day Zero

As you may know, E3 2008 begins tomorrow. In fact, it has already, with Microsoft and EA's respective press conferences complete.
Here is something to get your Hype! week started. The resolution is 1280 x 1040.

I'll be in the Lively chat room as often as I can to discuss anything and all E3. Second, I'm trying to launch an initiative of sorts on Bestuff. It's the Best of E3 2008 category; I'm looking for people to join and cast your vote. Of course, you may vote for multiple stuff, otherwise would be cruel.

And now for a word from our sponsors:
Game Trailers
-considering that Game Trailers has officially partnered with the ESA this year, Game Trailers should be your first stop for all things, well, trailers.

-per usual for GameSpot, extremely comprehensive information, impressions, and media.

-More impressions and media.

-Weakened by the fact that GameSpy and IGN have officially merged media hubs (less variety), but strong regardless.

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