Sunday, March 9

National Super Smash Bros. Brawl Launch Day

YAY! Brawl is finally here! It has been a long three years. Super Smash Bros. Brawl was officially announced at E3 2005, before it had even started development. The first trailer came a year later at E3. But most of the time has been spent with character speculation, dojo updates, and pre-release research (youtube videos). My friends and I got the game last night at midnight and played until four, taking a six hour break to sleep before starting up again. The game is insane. Its chaotic, can be confusing, and anything but melee. Right now, we're just experimenting with all of the characters and seeing who we like and who we don't. You really can't say until you've played them a couple of times each. Today is a monumentous occasion. This day, March 9, each year, will be devoted to Brawl and Brawl only. Forever and ever, knee.

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