Saturday, March 1

Mirror's Edge Galore

I previewed DICE's Mirror's Edge a while back. Since then, a deluge of previews and interviews have surfaced for the game. All of them originating from this year's GDC. There was actually little new information to be had. However, because the game is so amazing, here is a list of all the previews and interviews I've found on Mirror's Edge so far. Each site offers a variation on the information. 1up's intervie is by far the best source for information. While IGN likely has the best straight-up preview (surprisingly).

To sum up, the game looks as amazing as ever. Character control is achieved primarily through two buttons: an up button, and a down button. The up button jumps, climbs ladders, etc. The down button slides, to dodge bullets or slide under bars. The controls, like the rest of the game, are clearly being designed for streamlined play. Faith, the player character, can carry guns by swipiong them from enemy forces. Included guns are pistols, shotguns, and automatic rifles. While obviously increasing Faith's fighting capabilities, weapons will weigh her down, and some weapons, like two-handed rifles, will limit Faith's parkour abilities. Weapons cannot be reloaded; When the ammo's gun, toss the gun. Fortunately, Faith is fairly melee-capable. She can trip enemies, drop-kick them, disarm them, and all at high speed. Faith is constantly being pursued by bullets, but good for us, the entire game is being designed around momentum. In an open-world environment, or at the least, expansive, players need to know where to travel, and quickly. To support this play system, environmental objects will be highlighted red to guide players across the city. So a ladder or a pipe may have a red glow to let players know the best way to travel.

See the list below for a series of more expansive information.

On-Mirrors-Edge Interview
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  1. This is very similar to Breakdown for the XBOX back in March of 2003. I just hope you CAN use weapons since I heard other official sources say the protagonist disarms guns and is a preferably melee character. I like the no-gun-violence but if the enemies shoot at you, then why can't you shoot at them?

  2. You are able to use enemy weapons. But there are trade-offs. If you carry a pistol, you are fairly agile. But if you carry an assault rifle, your maneuverability will be limited. Also, when a gun runs out of ammo, thats it; you have to toss the gun and find something else. The game isn't going to force you to use weapons at all, though, as far asI can tell. Its really about the platforming.