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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Reward System

The following video discuss the reward systems behind Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

Pretty crazy huh? Allow me to break it down for you.

Persistent Elite Creation
PEC was part of the first Rainbow Six Vegas, and in Rainbow Six: Lockdown before that. But the system has changed quite a bit for Vegas 2. PEC allows players to create a uniquely aesthetic character while also allowing for personalization of gear and weapons load-out. A big change from the original Vegas is that PEC and all other reward systems will carry across all game modes, both offline and on. Playing any mode of the game will benefit players' characters. As R6V2 designer Phillip Therein said, "Every action, every objective, and every victory will earn you a reward."

There are actually a couple of different progression systems that all kind of work together. The first is Experience Points. Players earn XP simply by playing the game. The examples for gaining XP Therien gave were killing enemies and even reaching checkpoints. The bottom of the HUD will now include an XP bar that fills as you play, much like an MMO. This is a key aspect of the design. The idea is constant positive reinforcement; simply filling the XP bar is a constant reward. Therefore, the reward system is also a constant source of motivation and fun, on top of the more core shooting elements. Each time the XP bar fills, players gain another rank, unlocking new visual enhancments for their characters.People like progression. Xbox 360 Achievements are successful to no end. And Blizzard has mastered the reward system; there is a reason Diablo II and World of Warcraft are so popular, and fun. Ah, success. You can almost taste it.

Additionally, Ubisoft has broadened the reward system across all play modes, a simple, but genius design decision. Successful reward systems make players feel like their getting somewhere, like their progressing both in the game, and as players, as people. Thats why a good reward system is such a successful design element. It taps into a rudimentary truth of humanity, getting somewhere, progressing in life. When player's characters progress, the players themselves feel like their accomplishing something as well. Reward systems offer something not present in many games, something to show for your time. Players feel like they are earning something more tangible, acheiving more for their efforts. And we haven't even discussed the other half of the reward system.Avanced Combat Enhancement Specialization
ACES are rewards for "performing tactical actions." These are broken down into three categories. Which category players earn experience for depends on the actions players perform. The XP bar is the same, and players earn XP for their bar no matter what they do, but depending on specific actions, XP will be alloted towards one of the three categories. The three categories as are follows:

Close Quarters:
Players earn points in the close quarters category for performing close range kills (kills at less than 7 meters), and using flash bangs and smoke grenades effectively. Specifically, players will earn points for "killing a visually impaired opponent."

Assault points come from multi-kills, killing with C4 and frag grenades, and other actions. Like "killing throuch cover."

Players earn marksmanship points for headshots, long-range kills (more than 25 meters), killing while using a rope, killing an opponent who is using a rope, and killing a sprinter.The categories come in levels as well. The reward for completing ACES levels unlocks weapons associated with the category in which you leveled-up. For example, performing marksmanship actions will earn experience in the markmanship category, which, upon completing levels, will unlock assault rifles or sniper rifles.The reward system in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is similar to skill-based reward discussed early, about Jungle Beat. However, this reward system almost goes beyond being skill-based, reason being players are rewarded for doing almost anything. Still, there are intracacies. Earning points in specific categories will require specific gameplay maneuvers. But what Vegas 2 is doing above all is rewarding players for playing the way they want. Snipers will naturally earn points in the markmanship category, and therefore unlock weapons which serve their gameplay style best. Players who like to use the shotgun will eventually earn better and better shotguns simply by doing what they do best.

The reward system in Vegas 2 is top-notch. It does everything it is supposed to: Rewards players for playing skillfully. Rewards players for playing the way they want with gameplay additions that suit their play-style. And, most importantly, rewards players constantly.

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  1. This game is going to be the best rainbow six ever with its new rewards sysytem and the P.E.C. im picking up a copy of the game to night after school and we get out at 11:00 am tommorow so my weeked is made for me.