Monday, January 14

Neo Tetris

Tetris is a classic, it can't be denied. It has spawned a variety of sequals and imitators, some good, others probably not so good. New variants of Tetris will continue to exist with every generation, the game is just that good. I've got a few new Tetris games for you today, they're all pretty nifty.

The first is unnamed, but we'll call it Java Blocks. I call it such because, A, the game is made with Java, not Flash. And, B, its not exactly Tetris, more like "Negatris," or something. You'll see what I mean when you play the game. The game is by one Gary Haran, a guy that mainly deals with coding and the interwebs. You can read about the game at his blog.

The second game is Tetrical. It's Insane! Think Tetris in three dimensions. The game is basically impossible to play unless your some spatially reasoning genius. Still, the design is pretty interesting and the game is really solid. Check it out. Tetrical is by Digitial Machina.

Which brings me to the last game of the day, Cubical, also by Digital Machina. Cubical is like a simpler version of Tetrical, and arguably a better game. While the design of Tetrical is more novel, an homage, Cubical actually sports some solid gameplay. Players are tasked with stacking various box sizes into a three-dimensional pit. Once you grasp the controls the game boils down to accuracy of block placement. It's pretty fun.


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