Thursday, July 5

What is Next-Gen? The Further Adventures Of

Remember that next-gen post, from like, three days ago? A new preview of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is up at IGN. Editor Matt Wales wrote the preview and throws in his two cents on what the next-generation is:
While Lara is practically synonymous with vast, labyrinthine levels, Drake's trek from his landing spot to the wreckage of his plane in the early build we played is a strictly linear affair. Hopefully things will open out in later levels but, currently, there's something disappointingly old-school about your progress. Despite, expansive vistas and promise of all manner of explorable nooks and crannies in amongst the gorgeously lush terrain, you're essentially forced along one narrow jungle corridor, with fallen logs and boulders determined to spoil your fun.
Wales believes that next-gen is a non-linear experience. In other words, Wales would prefer that Uncharted had multiple routes to take with more explorable environments.
Your Thoughts?

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