Monday, July 2


Yestarday, 4 color rebellion pointed out a really cool indie game called Masq. Masq is a free game for download from the official game site. In fact, even how you download the game is cool. Masq was created by development studio Alteraction in 2002. The game has no sound and little animation. But the game is so compelling, that I've played through it about eight times now. Why? Because Masq is an interactive story. Players take the role of themselves from first person. A slew of characters, interesting settings and an intriguing plot make for an awesome experience. The game is essentially an interactive version of Choose Your Own Adventure (which have been scientifically proven as awesome). But unlike the popular book series, Masq is certainly not for children. The game is adult to the core. From compex themes to language to nudity, Masq stops at nothing to present an interesting comic-style graphic adventure. Here is an excerpt from Alteraction's website:
Many names in the industry argue that stories and games do not mix, that they are completely different animals. This comes from the lack of deep understanding of how stories work. Stories have always been interactive. Interactivity is not about the number of times per second you click, it is about the active involvement of the audience's mind contributing to the experience they live.
Masq has a ton of replay value because there are so many options and branching storylines. You really never know what you're going to get, especially when you select completely different options from previous play throughs. As a game, Masq also accomplishes something that books cannot, the passing of time. Books aren't going to change no matter how long readers waits to continue. Masq, however, has a timer that is moving as players read and try to make decisions. Just like in real life, if players wait to long to take action, the game will take action itself and respond to the player "doing nothing." This usually means the characters getting angry with the player for not responding. What time adds to the game is tension, and pressure on the player to act. The characters aren't gonna wait forever for a response. I recommend this game to all, unless you are put off by explicit content. Play Masq. Also, the Masq Blog that give a couple of hints to endings you will probably never find.


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