Monday, March 26

A Warstory

The other day my friend, Zaloko, and I were playing Battlefield 2. The server chose Songhoa Stalemate (one of the better maps), and per usual I played sniper. Zaloko chose support with the medic, and also happened to be adept pilot. We resolved to work together and put our phones on speaker to create a tactical advantage. Zaloko has logged over ten in flight hours in Battlefield 2, thats ton of flying. As such, we spawned and jumped right into a helicopter to lead the Chinese charge. As we flew over enemey territory (not for long, hehheh) Zaloko ordered "Look right! Take them out" I fumbled with all the sniper positions, F2, F3, too many. Suddenly, Zaloko was yelling at me "Eject! Eject!" By the time I realized what was happening we were crashing straight into the ground. "Which butoon?" I shouted back! I pressed keys frantically, but it was too late. "You will spawn in 20 seconds," the game told me.But it didn't matter, we were laughing too hard to be bothered by failure.
We respawned and met up. "Hey!" I wondered, "Is friendly fire on?"Neither of us knew. "Zaloko, don't move." I scrolled to my pistol and shot him in the head point-blank, just as he did the same. We laughed. "I guess so." Two health packs later we were on our merry way to capture a flag. I arrived at the crest of a hill overlooking an enemy base, which they'd recently captured (second Chinese flag from the left, in picture). I think every player in the map was there. The enemy was scrambling like ants. I lay prone and aimed down my M24 bolt-action rifle. Sometimes, players aren't too intelligent. Three U.S. players all went to the same open space in the base, and lay down on top of each other; their heads were overlapping. I could'nt help but laugh at the free kill they were provding. One shot, two kills. PWN3D.

I tell you what, Battlefield 2 is fun. Like previously discussed, BF2 has emergent gameplay. Every round is different, and most are insanely fun. There are few reasons. One, the game gives the player various tools in an open environment. Secondly, other player's are running around trying to kill each other. Anything and everything does happen in this game, and in the many other games that share similar characteristics. Battlefield is a truly fantastic example of how games are interactive. They can offer experiences like no other entertainment medium because the experience is molded by the player.

Holy poop. I forget this awesome part. There was an enemy tank nearby and I'm like, "I'm going to run over and blow it up." And I ran over and planted two C4 on the tank's side, quickly dodging out of the way before it blasted into char. It was awesome. Best. game. ever.

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