Sunday, February 18

Todd Howard-Shivering Isles Interview

Gameinformer Online has interviewed Elder Scrolls IV Executive Producer, Todd Howard, on Oblivion's expansion, Shivering Isles. One particulary interesting quip from Mr. Howard was this.

GI: Are there any particular monsters that you’re excited about?

Howard: I like the Grummites, because they seem to be more than monsters—they seem to inhabit this world. They have a little bit—as much as you can for guys who come out and attack you—it seems like they have some culture. They seem like they live there. They’re more believable in the environment, as opposed to Joe Creature who just pops up. Even though they’re all rooted in the environment, those, more than the others, feel like they live there, which always makes it feel a little more believable for me.

Why does he like Grummites? Because they're more integrated then other creatures. Integration is one of the most important aspects of a game, I believe. Integration of gameplay, story, environment, everything. I am currently working on an article about integration that I'll be posting up soon, look for it.

Read the whole article here

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