Monday, November 13

Welcome to Invisible Studio

Welcome to Invisible Studio, a game design blog. I am constantly fascinated by game design and its various aspects, which is why I'm dedicating a blog to this field. There is so much that goes into game design, so many little details that have to be weighed and balanced and observed from a variety of perspectives. When these details are brought together they fuse to create a video game that was created with care. Each day I will post at least one aspect of design on this blog. Believe me, there are many, many more to discover on this thing we call the intranet, but its much more beneficial to focus on a single aspect at a time then barrage a person with a metric-ton. I hope readers of Invisible Studio will take the time to experience each post and reflect upon its meaning and usefullness, then post their comments. If the comments prove insufficient for your needs, you can head over to the pared-down Invisible Studio forum at the following link:
I look forward to discovering new aspects of game design and sharing them with everyone here, thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy each day.